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Just a few of Don’s notable performances:

The White House, Reagan Administration, Bush Sr. Administration, Clinton Administration ,Holocaust survivors, Jerusalem, Israel, Grand Ole Opry House, Ryman Auditorium, Department of Agriculture Conventions, AM Philadelphia TV show, Billy Bob’s Dallas Fort Worth, TX, Private Parties, Fashion Shows, Corporate functions, Nursing Homes (Therapeutic Music), Retirement Communities, Bedside and wheelchair Performances, Don Reed, Founder of Bandstand USA, Philadelphia, PA.

Don Reed has performed for Alive Hospice, American Cancer Society, Veteran Hospitals, Medical Centers, Private Homes. 

The following example displays results of Therapeutic Music

                    A remarkable experience:  

Don Reed, Guitarist, Musicologist was performing in a physical room, in which there were 7 patients. One was an elderly woman about 90-95 years of age. She was sitting in a wheelchair with no expression on her face. She hadn’t been responding to the therapy given by the therapist. Don was performing a song from the decade of the 20’s with a twist beat. The song was, “When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New”. Don recalls when he came to the line, “What a beautiful picture you made as my bride” he playfully took his guitar and pointed it at her taking a step toward her. She responded by looking up and smiling at him, then struggled to get up out of her wheelchair. At that moment, the staff ran to her side, fearful that she may fall, and assisted her. Once she got her footing, she did a little dance (much like the twist), walked up to his side, and kissed him on the cheek. Blushingly she covered her face and remarked “oh my God what did I do!” Then she turned around and with assistance from the staff, happily twisted all the way back to her wheelchair.    

Documented evidence recognizes that, aside from prayer, music has one of the most powerful influences upon recovery, health and well being.

Upon listening to a song from past years performed by a musician  a patient was able to speak coherently of an experience he had approximately 20 years ago. His family at his bedside was totally amazed and said it was accurate account of what happened. This patients had  Alzheimer’s. Music, in many cases from the past can restore memories that have vanished

Therapeutic music can relax the mind and body. This fact is helpful and used to relive stress. Reliving stress has been helpful, whether it’s beating cancer or  helping patients overcome a learning disability.

Do patients remember their musician? A guitarist was totally amazed as he was taking his guitar out of the case and heard the patient say “I was waiting for you”.

Patients look forward to their musician coming and ask “when will you be back”?

Several patients in wheelchairs were doing the hand over knee step when the musician played the Charleston.

 Once you have completed reading through the pages of this website you will have a greater understanding of the how Therapeutic Music effects the
human brain.

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