Music and your brain


Delay brain disease, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s and keep your brain healthy. Studies by neuroscientist that study the brain find playing a musical instrument produces greater brain power. Playing by ear or reading music can be equally just as beneficial. Some may feel playing by ear has additional benefits. Most music teachers say reading music is essential. They are giving a balanced view. Which is good advice. My thought, as a guitarist and musicologist, learn both ways.

Starting to play a musical instrument has been a proven fact, to boost brain power.  Starting at age 7 is a good age to start. However, a person may be any age. Age is not a barrier; I have taught people in their 70’s.

Music will benefit and improve memory. Your brain will benefit from playing a musical instrument.

It is normal when a person forgets things. When forgetting things too often this is not normal. It is time for action.

Do not let forgetfulness linger, it will get worse. Start working to improve your memory immediately.

Music is known to reduce stress, emotional, mental and physical concern.

Don Reed has produced a music CD which is designed to improve your memory and a manual which is designed to improve and sharpen your brain.

Both CD and manual are offered to you for a donation of 45.00.

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