Brain Facts

Brain Facts

Exercising your brain.

The best exercise to improve memory is to memorize.

The best book to use is the Bible.

The Bible is the most widely read book in the world.

Step 1:

I suggest, that you start with memorizing easy scriptures in the Bible, then progress to other complex scriptures such as: the 12 Tribes of Israel.

This exercise using the scriptures requires not only memorizing the order but memorizing how to pronounce each tribe.

Step 2:

Learn how to spell the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Step 3:

The person administering this must have time and patients.

Our God thought of everything

Your brain consists of about 86 to 100 billion neurons.

A neuron is a nerve cell that is the basic building block of the nervous system. Neurons are similar to other cells in the human body in a number of ways, but there is one key difference between neurons and other cells. Neurons can transmit information to other parts of the body.

The neurons in our brain our placed in an intelligent manner. They are spaced at a distance from each other giving them enough space to intelligently do their function. The neurons have all different shapes.

Neurons develop at the rate of 250,000 neurons per minute during early pregnancy.

There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the brain.

Humans continue to make new neurons throughout life in response to mental activity.

The capacity for such emotions as joy, happiness, fear, and shyness are already developed at birth.

Excessive stress has shown to alter brain cells brain structure and functions. Stress is unhealthy for the brain.

Blinking. Every time we blink, our brain  keeps things illuminated so the whole world doesn’t go dark each time we blink (usually about 20,000 times a day)

Laughing at a joke  it requires activity in five different areas of the brain.

Yawn.  A yawn  sends more oxygen to the brain, therefore working to cool it down and wake it up.

Just a few examples of how music affects our brain.

Beethoven ( Moonlight Sonata ) used for stress relief.
Rachmaninoff’ Prelude Used for decision making.
Mozart used for solving mathematical problems.

You can listen to music, however, it is your brain that lets you know
what the title of the song is. 

You may think your legs take you down the street, but it’s your brain instructing  your muscles in your legs to move.

Your eyes take in light and an image is projected on to the pupil, but it’s your brain that interprets what you see.

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