CD to relieve Stress


Stress,Depression,Lack of Sleep can harm your brain and cause memory loss. This can ruin your quality of life and cause medical problems.

Listen to our new CD to improve your memory.

Music relates to time and place assisting in brain stimulation.

Patterns are performed in the songs that are designed to stimulate your brain.

This CD has been known to:

Relieve Stress

Jolt your memory

Promote relaxation

Lessen depression

Lessen insomnia

Control emotions

This CD will not raise your blood pressure, will not cause blood clots, will not give you blurred vision, will not cause internal bleeding, will not cause heart problems and many other side effects you hear on TV.  This CD will relax you.
Lead guitar performed by Don Reed, backup tracks composed on the computer by Don Reed.

You can receive this CD electronically for a donation of $15.00.
Give a gift that will improve memory and relieve stress. A gift that can improve your life.

Your donation of $15.00 for this 10 song CD of  Therapeutic  Music.   

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Music and 
Your Memory
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Your $15.00 donation for this CD will  cover travel expense for a musician to perform for patients in medical centers, private homes and help us expand our bedside performance program to those less fortunate.


Music and Your Memory is a non-profit 501©3 foundation. Your donation is a tax deduction.

The songs are performed by Guitarist, Don Reed.

Last year we performed over 600 bedside performances. The most common request is “when will you be back?” Your purchase of this CD will enable us to go back. The songs can be purchased on our donate pay pal button or send your check to:

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