Children music benefits


     Music improves:
      • alertnessmusic_lesson
      • memory
      • reading skills  
      • math skills         


          Playing a musical instrument produces a goal for quality and perfection

         Music training:
      •  increases brain volume
      • strengthens communication between brain areas

    The age which musical training begins affects brain anatomy as an adult. 

    Begin training before the age of seven for the greatest impact.

    There are many different brain systems involved in playing music: 

      • auditory system
      • motor system 
      • emotional system
      • creative thinking 
      • performing


    Music can be used as a tool.childguitar

    Music can relieve:
      •    stress
      •    insomnia
      •    depression
      •    promote relaxation       


Listening to Beethoven can have a calming effect on adults and children. 

The right music can do wonders for various problems.

Music brings forth movement. Children love it. Children require movement for their development and growth.

Music is a language to your brain. The brain accepts this  language and acts accordingly for children and adults.


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