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Music andYour Memory, 501(c)3
PO BOX 1088
Nolensville Pike 37135
Office 615.977.9000
musicandyourmemory.org / info@musicandyourmemory.org

Thank you for considering joining the ranks of the recording stars that have taken part in assisting various charities world wide.
This letter contains the benefits for the host or hostess, the business where the benefit will take place and the patients less fortunate and in need of your talent.
Benefits for host or hostess.

Open the talent night by performing 2 or 3 songs
 Build a fan club
Build your popularity
Your name included in PSA,s
Sell your CD’s
Pass out your business cards
This can move your career to the next level.
Benefit for business

Increased traffic=greater sales
Produce loyal customers
Public service announcements (PSA’s) in local papers giving the business and yourself publicity
Increase public awareness for the business
Greater customer relations
Information on patients and how they benefit
Quality of life deteriorates when memory declines. The decline is slow. Eventually, Alzheimer’s takes over and patients can no longer can communicate with their
Just a few of Don’s notable performances:
The White House, Reagan Administration, Bush Sr. Administration, Clinton Administration ,Holocaust survivors, Jerusalem, Israel, Grand Ole Opry House, Ryman Auditorium Department of Agriculture Conventions, AM Philadelphia TV show, Billy Bob’s Dallas Fort Worth, TX, Private Parties, Corporate functions, Nursing Homes (Therapeutic Music), Retirement Communities, Bedside Performances, Don Reed, Founder of Bandstand USA, Philadelphia, PA.

There is no cure for this disease, however, it can be delayed 5, 10 years or more with proper brain exercise’s.
Therapeutic Music is known throughout the world as delaying Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Therapeutic Music relates to time and place bringing back memories. Therapeutic Music is recognized as an extremely effective exercise for the human brain.
The music produced and preformed by Don Reed and staff have brought back memories and smiles from patients. The results of Therapeutic Music. In other cases had some patients speaking coherent conversation describing what they remember about past years. These coherent conversations are from patients that were having a difficult time speaking. Don Reed has performed hundreds of bedside performances with encouraging results.
Don Reed

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