About Don Reed

About Don Reed

As a guitarist, along with my show Bandstand USA,  We performed for three presidents of the United States of America: President Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. During the terms of these Presidents and in the years that followed, we performed at many high profile and well attended events.

As a solo guitarist, I entertained the survivors of the Holocaust in Israel in May 2015.

I was the founder and producer of Bandstand USA stage show, Philadelphia, PA. The show was recognized by music industry executives and the general public as one of most dynamic stage shows in the nation. I was very proud of this show, the cast and band were dedicated and  great to work with.

Other performance venues include the Grand Ole Opry House, the Ryman Auditorium, conventions for the United States Department of Agriculture, the AM Philadelphia TV Show, Billy Bob’s Texas Dallas/Fort Worth, multiple corporate functions, veteran hospitals and private parties. In the state of Delaware, I performed for the Ziggy Corson Variety TV Show.

Along with Bandstand USA, I performed at Lily Langtry’s the show place of the nation. After our first performance, we were booked for the entire season.
Don Reed’s performances go on and on and could fill a thirty-two page book in small print.

After a long career as a professional guitarist, music instructor, and music promoter, for the past several years I have been performing Therapeutic Music to enhance the mental and emotional status of my clients. Therapeutic Music utilizes songs from the past to help restore memories that have been suppressed and enhance the quality of life for people at risk or in the process of cognitive decline.

It is a familiar site to all of us to witness patients singing songs accurately from the past, though they may seem to have little memory of their current life. Therapeutic Music has been shown to strengthen clients abilities and provide avenues for communication among patients who find it difficult to express themselves in words. I have had remarkable success with my bedside performance program.

The experience I had with a patient led to a 501(c)3 foundation. The experience is on my website listed as a remarkable experience. It is extremely rewarding to use the gift, my creator gave me to help others less fortunate.

Your donation can improve the quality of life for thousands of patients.


Don Reed Music

Don Reeds  Audio and Video production company has been in existence since 1957. and has an outstanding number of Singers, Songwriters, Musician and Bands performing full time.
There are now, and always have been requirements to be successful in
your music career.


• A great demo or album
• Promotion 
• Representation
• An understanding of the music industry

Contact our Nashville Office 615-977-9000
Email  donreedproductions@gmail.com

About Don Reed Music
Don Reed Music has been in business since 1957. It has become the most respected company and recognized by the music, recording and film industry as having the highest standards.
It has produced acts you have seen on TV, heard on radio and has more acts working full time in the music industry than any other company in existence Contact our office today

The fee for don’s services has always been fair. A large portion of all proceeds are donated to his foundation Music and Your Memory a 501(c)3 foundation.
His slogan( use your talent to assist others less fortunate.)


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